Dongpo Internation Hotel
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    Dongpo International Hotel, located in Meishan Hubin Road,
New City, adjacent to Lake Su Areas to generation writer in the
name of Reliance beautiful quiet lake built Su, set features and
modern city Classical cultural charm of the luxury business hotel in
a reference to the state standards for five-star hotels Design and
construction, hotel style, decoration, timber and so on trying to
heritage and development of talented young scholars through the
ages Bold light of day, the essence of the natural flow of culture,
showing a wide Meishan profound culture.
    Hotel guests in meeting food, housing, transportation, entertainment, meetings and so on are all seeking to do
fulfill The United States. Rooms elegant, chic, luxury high-end homes than they reflect the warm and romantic, the hotel Have: Business Standard Room, Superior Single room, deluxe romantic couples rooms, executive suites,presidential suites, a total of 186 rooms (suites), rooms equipped with central air conditioning, high speed wide Band, satellite TV, IDD, DDD, electronic safe, mini bar, coffee equipment, etc., are lacking there, comfortable and close to the United States to bring you lace sleep mattress Sleep revolution, so that you forget your exhaustion, business confusion.
    Western restaurant, coffee shop unique style, quiet and elegant, east slope of the poetic and the exotic European Brilliance. Restaurant offers various forms of Western-style Buffet, buffet, cocktail service, authentic Western cuisine and professional venue decoration to add distinguished style meals for groups and more elegant choice.
    Accommodate 20-400 people in 11 well-equipped meeting rooms of various forms, can meet a variety of size and form of meetings, to remote network meetings, simultaneous translation And other cutting-edge features.
    Su International Hotel will maintain the generation writer of excellent quality, relying on the rich cultural heritage Meishan, sincere hospitality and service the finest of products and continue to create features Products, so perfect.

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